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How Do You Decide on a Clinical Trial?

Going to the doctor can be stressful for some people. Some are very afraid of the doctor, some can’t really afford it but need the work done, and others just don’t love their doctor. Maybe they don’t trust him or don’t think he is competent at his job. But there are also those who love their doctor and think he’s the best. Although a good recommendation from a friend is probably the best way to find a good clinic, they are not always right. Everyone is different, your friends may have very different opinions and preferences than you do and it’s hard to know what you think about a clinical trial before you let them go poking around!

So, you have a doctor and his or her personality and expertise, but there are more factors involved in your decision to continue being a patient at that practice, or finding somewhere new.

shutterstock_235094668In my opinion, location is another one of the major factors that helps me decide on a paid clinical trial in my area. If you live in the DFW area, you know what kind of terrible traffic can happen. When I decide on a doctor, I want to choose someone who is local, preferably within 10-20 minutes of my house regardless of traffic. Doctor appointments are often inconvenient as it is. Having to take off work because of their office hours can be a hassle, and if you have to budget an extra hour or two because of where they are located, it’s even more inconvenient. Finding a clinic near your home or work is really nice and will probably make you more likely to schedule regular appointments and get the doctor care you need.

Another thing I look for in a good medical study is their office. Is it clean? Are the staff friendly? Is it comfortable? How is the wait time? I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to let someone else put their fingers and tools in my mouth, I want to make sure that it in a clean environment. I also want to be able to talk to a pleasant and friendly secretary about scheduling my next appointment or about any questions I have with my bill. Short wait times are also something I look for. I hope that, for the most part, if I have an appointment scheduled for a certain time, I can get in and get out rather quickly. But, if I ever do have to wait for a while, I’d like the waiting room to be comfortable and clean.

What are some things you look for in a good medical trial?

Clinical Trials Needs Reliable Information

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As a new parent you are suddenly faced with tons of medical decisions that need to be made not for you, but for someone else. It can be tricky, emotional, and sometimes scary to research and make decisions even when they are based on legitimate human medical studies. Sometimes though, there are not even many clinical studies available to do your research.

Many of the procedures and common practices done today on infants have been studied on animals or in labs, but not in a controlled, double-blind trial with humans (including, but not limited to: vaccines and routine injections, Vitamin K shots, newborn eye ointment application, which all happen within hours of birth). This is because it might be considered unethical to subject humans, especially infants, to chemicals and drugs that are not known and proven to be safe. Also, it could be ethically irresponsible to take infants away from their parents and a normal upbringing for the amount of time they would need to do a thorough study. However, clinical studies are very important and we know several locations ( here in Dallas Fort Worth where they conduct these and many other research studies.

Another factor that can be hard for parents when they are trying to research and make decisions concerning the health of their child is that in many cases where there have been clinical studies and trials, the results have been overturned or put into question since the time of the trial. This means what once may have been considered a safe practice, is now not recommended because of further research that has been done on the subject.

One of the major topics in medicine that has been in the news a lot lately is vaccines. It is a very controversial topic that is becoming more popular because of recent “outbreaks” of certain diseases that were considered to be eradicated in the United States. It is hard to find unbiased information on the topic because even governmental agencies like the CDC and FDA who recommend vaccines for most children are not a completely unbiased source of information. While the aim of these governmental agencies is public health, many people have a hard time trusting their recommendations because the pharmaceutical companies who make (and sell) the drugs have a lot of influence over government because of all the money involved. For parents it is extremely difficult to find information about vaccines that is backed up by clinical trials and studies and not sponsored by major pharmaceutical companies.

Thankfully, most doctors still care about patients and parents enough to let them make their own health decisions and to give them what resources they know about to make an educated and informed decision.

Amarillo Insurance

Choosing insurance is important:

Starting a insurance is a very admirable dream and it is usually a great thing for a community and for society. However, there are some difficulties when it comes to running a insurance agency that are not quite as common in the for profit business world.

Starting and staffing a insurance agency is a difficult task in itself. First of all, you have to find like-minded people who have a passion for what you believe in and what you want to do with your insurance agency. Ideally, you want the most talented, charismatic, wise, and focused people, but for most insurance agencies, the salary that they are willing to offer is nothing like that of the big corporations that are looking for the same kind of talent. While you may be able to offer your employees much more when it comes to good feelings and admirable goals, at the end of they day, they still have to pay rent and buy groceries. And though they may not need it, they might want a paycheck that supports their weekly dinner at a steakhouse or their monthly payment for the brand new Lexus in their driveway. Regardless of their desires and hobbies, it’s likely that working for you won’t be the best paying option and so finding employees that you love and want to invest in can be quite the challenge.

Keeping employees is an additional challenge that you’ll face after you’ve found and hired your “dream team.” Retention is difficult in the insurance agency sector for multiple reasons. Firstly, many insurance agency are small and need help to know how to even get started and file for insurance agency status ( They need a little team of talented individuals with different talents and gifts to give. Often, great teams can be formed and can work really well together for a time, but there is rarely much room for growth. Especially in smaller organizations, there may be one “boss” or manager figure who oversees a few others. Though their responsibilities may change over time, the potential for upward movement is just not there. And for those people who need to be challenged or just want to continue moving up in their career, the insurance agency doesn’t always have a good position to offer them and so they may work there for a few years and then move on.

Don’t forget that also choosing an insurance agency in a town like Amarillo Texas is a challenge. You need to read reviews on the local agencies to see what is available.

Though these points are a little depressing, many insurance agencies are run well for years and years by talented and dedicated people. When people are working hard for something they believe in, they are generally much more happy with their work than those who don’t find the same kind of value in what they do.

Pest Control is Serious in Fort Worth

ant pngBugs- there’s nothing worse than that dreaded word, they’re everywhere; in your house, in the ground, in the sky. I personally hate bugs, all of them. It just creeps me out that they can be in so many places but you can’t even see them because they’re so small. I mean for all you know they could be crawling up your sleeve! Ugh, the worst bugs are ants. They make it seem like they’re all studious and hardworking, but in reality they’re planning to take over the world! I mean the evidence is all around us. Just think of all the innocent children who have been victimized by their evil doings, just standing there playing and they look down and BOOM they’re covered in ants. My hatred towards these little brutes originated in my childhood. I remember how excited I was when my best friend rented a bouncy house for her 7th birthday party, I was ecstatic to try it out. As I walked towards the giant house of fun my worst nightmare came to life as I looked down and saw my infamous enemy….ANTS! They were everywhere! The joy in my eyes disappeared as I realized these weren’t just any ants they were the spawn of satan himself, fire ants. Suddenly I noticed red bumps popping up on my skin I ran to the bathroom to hide the monster I was becoming. The more that came up the more I was sure that I was transforming into a female child version of Spiderman. Painful story short, it was really just an allergic reaction to the little monsters that I had dramatiscized in my head because of watching Spiderman the previous night. Nevertheless it was a scarring moment for such a young sapling like me. It was soon after that experience when I decided my destiny was to wipe out those venomous creatures. After long research I decided to quit school and open a Fort Worth pest control business ( Sadly my parents did not accept the idea of me being an elementary drop out. So for the time being I have to settle for raising awareness about the wrath that all bug kind brings and how to prevent having your childhood ruined by the little heathens currently known as ants. Therefore I am going to educate all you innocent citizens on pest control. The first method of pest control documented is fire. Our ancestors would simply burn the pests. However throughout time humans got progressively clumsier and people started burning themselves and their fields by accident. Which besides the burnt fingers wasn’t really a problem until there was so many humans that many had to stop the burn field move to another one method. Some people though did not want to give up their fiery life style, forcing them to adventure into new lands, which led to the discovery of America… but that’s another story.

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