Pest Control is Serious in Fort Worth

ant pngBugs- there’s nothing worse than that dreaded word, they’re everywhere; in your house, in the ground, in the sky. I personally hate bugs, all of them. It just creeps me out that they can be in so many places but you can’t even see them because they’re so small. I mean for all you know they could be crawling up your sleeve! Ugh, the worst bugs are ants. They make it seem like they’re all studious and hardworking, but in reality they’re planning to take over the world! I mean the evidence is all around us. Just think of all the innocent children who have been victimized by their evil doings, just standing there playing and they look down and BOOM they’re covered in ants. My hatred towards these little brutes originated in my childhood. I remember how excited I was when my best friend rented a bouncy house for her 7th birthday party, I was ecstatic to try it out. As I walked towards the giant house of fun my worst nightmare came to life as I looked down and saw my infamous enemy….ANTS! They were everywhere! The joy in my eyes disappeared as I realized these weren’t just any ants they were the spawn of satan himself, fire ants. Suddenly I noticed red bumps popping up on my skin I ran to the bathroom to hide the monster I was becoming. The more that came up the more I was sure that I was transforming into a female child version of Spiderman. Painful story short, it was really just an allergic reaction to the little monsters that I had dramatiscized in my head because of watching Spiderman the previous night. Nevertheless it was a scarring moment for such a young sapling like me. It was soon after that experience when I decided my destiny was to wipe out those venomous creatures. After long research I decided to quit school and open a Fort Worth pest control business ( Sadly my parents did not accept the idea of me being an elementary drop out. So for the time being I have to settle for raising awareness about the wrath that all bug kind brings and how to prevent having your childhood ruined by the little heathens currently known as ants. Therefore I am going to educate all you innocent citizens on pest control. The first method of pest control documented is fire. Our ancestors would simply burn the pests. However throughout time humans got progressively clumsier and people started burning themselves and their fields by accident. Which besides the burnt fingers wasn’t really a problem until there was so many humans that many had to stop the burn field move to another one method. Some people though did not want to give up their fiery life style, forcing them to adventure into new lands, which led to the discovery of America… but that’s another story.