Medical Studies in Dallas

How Do You Decide on a Clinical Trial?

Going to the doctor can be stressful for some people. Some are very afraid of the doctor, some can’t really afford it but need the work done, and others just don’t love their doctor. Maybe they don’t trust him or don’t think he is competent at his job. But there are also those who love their doctor and think he’s the best. Although a good recommendation from a friend is probably the best way to find a good clinic, they are not always right. Everyone is different, your friends may have very different opinions and preferences than you do and it’s hard to know what you think about a clinical trial before you let them go poking around!

So, you have a doctor and his or her personality and expertise, but there are more factors involved in your decision to continue being a patient at that practice, or finding somewhere new.

shutterstock_235094668In my opinion, location is another one of the major factors that helps me decide on a paid clinical trial in my area. If you live in the DFW area, you know what kind of terrible traffic can happen. When I decide on a doctor, I want to choose someone who is local, preferably within 10-20 minutes of my house regardless of traffic. Doctor appointments are often inconvenient as it is. Having to take off work because of their office hours can be a hassle, and if you have to budget an extra hour or two because of where they are located, it’s even more inconvenient. Finding a clinic near your home or work is really nice and will probably make you more likely to schedule regular appointments and get the doctor care you need.

Another thing I look for in a good medical study is their office. Is it clean? Are the staff friendly? Is it comfortable? How is the wait time? I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to let someone else put their fingers and tools in my mouth, I want to make sure that it in a clean environment. I also want to be able to talk to a pleasant and friendly secretary about scheduling my next appointment or about any questions I have with my bill. Short wait times are also something I look for. I hope that, for the most part, if I have an appointment scheduled for a certain time, I can get in and get out rather quickly. But, if I ever do have to wait for a while, I’d like the waiting room to be comfortable and clean.

What are some things you look for in a good medical trial?